Janson Farm GN #201
Janson Farm GN #201
Janson Farm GN #201

Janson Farm GN #201

Filter • Floral & light

Classic Panamanian Geisha Natural with notes of pineapple, mango, floral and sweet dried fruits finish.

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  • Producer: Janson Coffee Farm
  • Region: Volcán, Chiriquí
  • Altitude: 1350–1700 MASL
  • Variety: Green Tip Geisha
  • Process: Natural

Natural process

This lot is processed as natural with 72 hours of fermentation followed by 13 days of sun drying on a patio. Through this processing method, the Janson Farm could retain clean Geisha notes.

Janson Coffee Farm

The story of Janson Farms began in 1926 when Carl Axel Janson left Sweden at 21 and arrived in Panama. He was immediately enamoured with the land, nature, and the charming town of Volcán in the Chiriquí Province.

Inspired by the green forests and the pleasant spring weather that reminded him of his home country, Carl and his wife Peggy decided to buy land and establish the first automated dairy farm in Panama. He imported Brangus cattle and various breeds of horses, as well as largemouth bass and bluegill fish from Florida, to preserve the natural richness of the farm's lakes for future generations.

After many years, the Janson family discovered the potential of coffee plantations in the mid-1980s. With the assistance of agricultural engineers, they evaluated the soil and purchased coffee plants. In 1990, Carl's sons, Michael, Carl, Ricardo (R.I.P.), and Peter inherited the business and established Janson Coffee, driven by their father's obsession with hard work, quality, and love for the land. They envisioned creating a company that would produce and sell high-quality specialty coffee of different varieties, such as Catuai, Caturra, Pacamara, and the famous Panama Geisha, locally and internationally.

Today, the business is led by Kai and Janette, the second generation of Jansons, and Janette's son, Miguel, the third generation. Janson Coffee is a family business that continues to expand while preserving the land, growing sustainably, and improving the quality of life for its workers and their families.

The story of Janson Farms began in 1926 when Carl Axel Janson left Sweden at 21 and arrived in Panama.

Hacienda las Lagunas

Hacienda las Lagunas is a farm located at an altitude of 1,350-1,400 meters above sea level in the Volcán region. The farm is also referred to as Hacienda and was named after the lagoons and wetlands on the property. It is situated to the west of the Barú Volcano and boasts a rich volcanic soil and several natural springs. The coffee plantation is divided into different lots, each surrounded by natural reserves that serve as a habitat for a variety of birds and wildlife, as well as providing natural barriers to protect the plantation.

Janson Farms is a family-owned Hacienda that was established in 1941 by Carl Axel Janson, an immigrant from Sweden. The farm was originally a cattle farm, but Carl's sons, Carl, Michael, Ricardo, and Peter, established Janson Coffee in 1989.

At Janson Farms, quality production is achieved while maintaining harmony with nature. The farms are managed with a balance of nutrients in the soil using enzyme microorganisms. No pesticides or herbicides are used, and each plantation is micromanaged in lots for traceability and quality control. The plantations are separated by forests that serve as natural barriers against pests and protect the natural flora and fauna of the region.

The beneficio or processing plant was built in 1993 and designed exclusively for specialty coffee, including several selections to separate coffee by quality and origin. They use updated technology and artisanal methods to do natural and wash processing to obtain the best quality. The green beans are stored in a temperature and humidity-controlled facility to preserve quality.

The Janson coffee farm is currently run by first and second-generation family members. They are constantly focused on improving quality and have earned several BOP awards. Their coffee has always been among the best on the semifinal and final tables of the Best of Panama. In 2019, their geisha natural lot from Los Alpes received second place in the Best of Panama with an average score of 94, having received 95 and above by 8 international judges. In 2020, they received the first prize of the Best of Panama on the Pacamara Variety.

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