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San Vicente

Tangerine - Panela - Floral - Velvety

We cultivate human connection by roasting exceptional coffees because coffee brings people together and fosters community.

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Carefully curated with only the highest quality beans to showcase each coffee's unique flavour profiles and distinct characteristics.

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Your satisfaction is essential. Reach out to us if you're not completely satisfied. We offer replacements or full refunds to ensure your satisfaction with our coffee.


Our packaging is designed using fully recyclable materials. To ensure a sustainable future, kindly dispose of it using appropriate recycling channels.

Francisco Arrieta drying coffee
costa rica

Vista al Valle

The Arrieta family's dedication to sustainability and social responsibility has earned them a highly respected position among the top coffee producers in the country.
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Hendra Maulizar

His commitment to experimental processes set him apart from other coffee farmers.
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meet the founder

We don't just care about coffee

Meet David. He is the founder, roaster, green bean buyers, and previously certified Q-Grader aficionado of Rozali Coffee. He has been working in the coffee industry for over 12 years as a barista, roaster and Q-Grader. He understands that everyone deserves good coffee. With this goal in mind, he started Rozali Coffee.

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