We roast coffee for you to enjoy the flavours

What's wrong about the regular coffee? Everything!

Regular coffee is boring and tastes terrible, so we source and roast the world's best coffees so you taste its natural flavour and enjoy your coffee.


Treat yourself to our rare coffee selection

Emanuel Encizo
We have a rare variety of San Bernardo produced by Emanuel Encizo as the very first our of EXOTIC offering. Expect in the cup an explosion of strawberry yoghurt, grape, cacao and milk chocolate finished.
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Sit back, relax and enjoy your coffee.

We don't just care about coffee. We care about you!

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What you need to have delicious coffee

High-quality beans

Our coffees score 85 points and above on the SCA cupping score. It gives the quality assurance you need.

Sustainable sourcing

We believe in sustainable practice and work with trusted partners who paid a premium price for the coffees.


Freshly roasted

Our coffees are freshly roasted. But, we recommend to rest them 7-10 after roasting date before your first brew.