Espresso Tasting Set
Espresso Tasting Set

Espresso Tasting Set

We love espresso for its versatility. It is perfect as a base for milk beverages or as a standalone espresso drink. It doesn't matter who you are, there is an espresso that is perfect for you. Whether you are a hardworking Italian seeking a quick pick-me-up or a connoisseur who enjoys the intricate layers of flavour, espresso is a fleeting moment of pure indulgence worth savouring.

Although many beans can be used to make espresso, we created this Discovery Set to showcase the best possibilities for espresso. We are confident you will enjoy every sip and discover your new favourite espresso.

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Espresso Tasting Set

Coffee line up

Luiz Pereira • Natural, Brazil

Strong & full-bodied • Sweet and creamy with notes of roasted almond, milk chocolate and toffee.

San Vicente • Washed, Colombia

Strong & full-bodied • Tangerine notes with rich panela sugar sweetness, a velvety body and subtle floral notes.

Aponte • Honey, Colombia

Fruity & lively • Herbal with juicy notes of red apple and the sweetness of dried fruits and caramel.

Elver Coronel • Natural, Peru

Fruity & lively • Sweet and creamy notes of cherry, milk chocolate, walnut and plum.

Abdul Thohari • Natural Anaerobic, Indonesia

Experimental & complex • Complex and juicy notes of red grapes, plum and peach.

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