Filter Bundles

Filter Bundles

Characterised by a clean and nuanced flavour profile, filter coffee is well-known for showcasing the inherent coffee quality. The result can be achieved through various brewing techniques, roast levels, and paper filters. Its adaptability highlights its value in the constantly evolving world of coffee.

We created this Filter Bundle for you to experience our full filter range. We are confident you will love every sip.

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Filter Bundles

Coffee line up

Bwenda • Washed, Rwanda

Floral & light • Golden kiwi, orange lemonade, sweet honey and black tea.

Abdul Thohari • Natural Lactic, Indonesia

Experimental & complex • Pomegranate, raspberry compote, and maple syrup.

Cesar Buesaqillo • Natural 48hr Fermentation, Colombia

Experimental & complexWhite peach and pineapple, cherry sweetness and elegant floral notes.

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