Abdul Thohari Filter
Abdul Thohari Filter
Abdul Thohari Filter

Abdul Thohari Filter

Filter • Experimental & complex

Complex and juicy notes of pomegranate, raspberry compote, and maple syrup.

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Farm: Abdul Aziz Thohari, Rukun Saudara Cooperative

Region: Kerinci, Sumatra

Altitude: 1400–1700 MASL

Variety: Andungsari, Sigararutang

Process: Natural Lactic

Natural Lactic Fermentation

This coffee goes through a natural fermentation process facilitated by lactic acid bacteria present in the environment. During this process, the bacteria react with the sugars in the coffee mucilage, breaking them down and influencing the flavour development of the coffee beans. Afterwards, natural drying occurs, allowing coffee cherries to dry in the open air, under the sun, without mechanical dryers.

Rukun Saudara Cooperative

Abdul Aziz Thohari

Abdul Aziz Thohari is a passionate coffee grower and the leader of Rukun Saudara's Cooperative, which was established in 2015. Situated on a plateau at the foot of Mount Kerinci in Sumatra, it is home to 50 members who are passionate about living and cultivating the land.

The cooperative initially sold coffee as wet parchment and shipped it off to Medan. In 2017, Rukun Saudara was founded as a farmers' collective, and they began processing their coffee cherries into green coffee beans. They also set up an initial drying facility measuring 10 meters by 5 meters, which has now grown to approximately 800 square meters.

Kerinci Rukun Saudara Cooperative is situated on a plateau at the foot of Mount Kerinci in Sumatra. The farm is home to 50 members who are passionate about living and cultivating the land. Mount Kerinci stands out among the 452 volcanoes in the Pacific Ring of Fire. It is a 40,000-km horseshoe-shaped array of volcanoes that's in a perpetual series of eruptions and plate movements. The rich history of Mount Kerinci's eruptions has left its mark on the surrounding landscape, making it a unique place to grow coffee.

Abdul Thohari, kicked off his journey in 2015 when coffee cultivation became his passion.

Coffee variety

Indonesia local variety


Andungsari (also known as Andung Sari and Andong Sari) is a dwarf coffee plant. It was initially developed through a selection of Catimor plants by the Indonesian Coffee and Cocoa Research Institute. Andungsari grows best above 1,250 MASL.

It has high productivity (2.5 tonnes per hectare) and an excellent cup profile. However, it require a lot of care. Today, this variety is grown widely in Kayo Aro in the province of Jambi, Sumatra.


An improved Ateng selection of Timor variety with Bourbon reportedly. The specifics are a little doubtful (Timor x Bourbon) as it is not the result of a plant breeding program, but a selection from North Sumatra, Tapanuli area. It was said to be discovered in 1988 in a coffee farm owned by Opung Opan located in Batu Gajah Hamlet, North Paraningan Village, Lintongnihuta District according to local farmers. What is sure is that Sigarar Utang translates as “Repay The Debt!” in Batak language.

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