Hendra Maulizar
Hendra Maulizar
Hendra Maulizar

Hendra Maulizar

Subtle floral with sweet and complex tropical notes of ripe pineapple, papaya and cranberry finish.

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  • Producer: Hendra Maulizar | Gayo Avatara
  • Region: Aceh, Sumatra
  • Altitude: 1500–1700 MASL
  • Varieties: Abbysinia, Catimor, Typica
  • Process: Natural CM

Natural Carbonic Maceration

This coffee is processed as natural carbonic maceration, which involves the coffee cherries being fermented in an airtight plastic barrel with CO2 to create a CO2-rich environment, which produces different sugars and pectins for microbes to macerate. The coffee is then dried naturally on a raised bed for 14-20 days before being moved to a patio for further drying.

Gayo Avatara

Hendra Maulizar

Hendra Maulizar is a name that has become synonymous with Indonesian speciality coffee processing.

His journey began when his father, Hamdan, moved to Aceh in 2006 and started growing coffee. Inspired by his father's work, Hendra began growing coffee in 2010 on a small plot of land. Over the years, his farm has grown to 10 hectares, and he has invested in post-harvesting facilities to improve the quality of his coffee.

One thing that sets Hendra apart from other coffee farmers is his commitment to experimentation. Hendra is constantly experimenting with 8-10 different processing methods and has even started a nursery to grow the Abbysinia variety. His dedication to quality has paid off, with his coffee ranking 7th in Indonesia's Cup of Excellence in 2021.

Hendra's contributions to the Indonesian coffee industry have not gone unnoticed. One of Hendra's most notable innovations is his use of natural carbonic maceration to elevate local varieties and flavour profiles in processing his coffee. His endless spirit of bringing the best coffee makes him never settle for less.

Hendra's commitment to experimental processes set him apart from other coffee farmers.

coffee processing

Carbonic Maceration

Carbonic maceration is a coffee processing method that has recently gained popularity. It was first brought to the coffee industry in 2015 by Sasa Sestic during his winning World Barista performance in Seattle, USA.

The process is inspired by the wine industry, involving placing coffee cherries in an oxygen-free environment and introducing carbon dioxide to the process. This results in a unique flavour profile often described as fruity and wine-like. The carbonic maceration process can be time-consuming and requires careful monitoring, but the result is a coffee with a distinctive taste. While this method is not commonly used in Sumatra, it is an interesting alternative to the traditional processing methods used in the region.

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