Introducing: Planting Costa Rica

One of Planting Costa Rica's Founder, Nicolas Salcedo (right) with their producer partner

For the last several years, Planting Costa Rica has taken strides to build an avenue between the premium Costa Rican coffee producers and the international market; an endeavour that would also address the various socio-economic gaps within the current coffee supply chain. In other words, the goal of Planting Costa Rica is to find the best coffee producers in Costa Rica and support them to produce excellent coffee that can be accessed by everyone around the world.

In order to do this, Planting Costa Rica has centred itself on three pillars: traceability, transparency and quality. The pillar of traceability is to encourage best practices throughout the entire supply chain, which would allow the customer to have a detailed insight and understanding of the coffee’s origin. The pillar of transparency is to build a strong distribution channel, as this will allow the consumer to be the beneficiary of the coffee producer’s work! The pillar of quality is to ensure that we are consuming coffee that is void of any potential detriments and weaknesses. Given that the average human consumes approximately 3 cups of coffee a day, it is important to ensure that we are drinking coffee that is of the highest quality, as this quality is important for our health.

At Rozali Coffee, we are passionate about developing strong connections with local producers that are working hard to produce premium coffee. This has led to strong relationships with a range of international intermediaries, including Planting Costa Rica. The partnership between Rozali coffee and Planting Costa Rica has led to our Don Alexis Honey and Natural coffee, which you can check out here.