How Cofinet Are Supporting The Specialty Coffee Industry

Cofinet Founder: Carlos and Felipe ArcilaCofinet Founders: Carlos and Felipe Arcila

Rozali Coffee is dedicated to supplying coffee lovers with the best coffee on offer. To fulfil this mission, Rozali Coffee has sought some of the most transparent suppliers; suppliers who are dedicated to supporting the coffee producers within their respective origin. 

This has resulted in a strong relationship between Rozali Coffee and Cofinet: Fourth generation coffee growers from Quindio, Colombia. Current Rozali Coffee customers may be unaware of Cofinet; but this organisation has been the key contributor to the Rozali coffees that you know and love, such as the super interesting Emanuel Encizo.

Cofinet has been in operation for 80 years. More recently, in 2015, the organisation expanded their operations and began exporting Colombian specialty coffee globally, in countries like Australia, the USA, Saudi Arabia, UK, Singapore, Canada and Europe. Cofinet is passionate about investing in people, not just in coffee farms. They believe that a strong approach to picking, processing, drying and storing coffee will result in the ability to high scoring specialty coffee. Cofinet’s goal is to strengthen the direct trade between their farms at origin and roasters from all around the world; a goal that can be achieved through creating sustainable, ethical and long-term relationships. 

The growing operations of Cofinet reside at ‘La Pradrera’, a processing centre that hosts an exciting array of alternative fermentation processes that are new to Colombia. By following strict criteria of ripeness and a strict fermentation procedure, Cofinet can achieve an outstanding flavour profile; a profile that captures the unique personality of Colombian coffee.

Cofinet has spent four years developing innovative and industry-breaking approaches to coffee processing and fermenting, including Ice Fermentation, White Wine Fermentation and Mandarin Skin fermentation that resulted in truly outstanding coffees.

Cofinet is also committed to social and environmental sustainability. Some of the projects are free internship programs to share knowledge about alternative coffee processes. Further, a water conservation project to reduce the amount of water used in coffee processing. Lastly, partnered with local projects that are determined to reforest the local area. This has resulted in Cofinet’s building a dedicated nursery of native Colombian trees, along with pledging to plant 1500 trees per month in the Quindío area. 

You can learn more about Cofinet here.