Mario Villano

Mario Villano

Bright and creamy with notes of cantaloupe, almond paste, sugar plums sweetness and golden kiwi

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The process begins with producers harvesting only the ripe cherries. The cherries are sorted to remove any unripe or damaged cherries. The cherries are then depulped and fermented for nine hours and washed with clean water. The last process is to dry the parchment on pallets until reached the ideal moisture content. During this time, the parchment is turned frequently for even drying, and moisture content is monitored.

Mario and his family are motivated to set a benchmark for coffee quality in the region.

Mario Villano

Finca Machayniyuq

farm story
Finca Machayniyuq

The fertile land of Cusco is home to Mario Villano and his farm Finca Machayniyuq. In the past few years, Cusco has been taken the highlight as Peru’s most prominent coffee region. In 2021 five out of ten Cup of Excellent winners came from this region and it is expected the trend will continue upwards.

Mario grew up with his uncle and was under his wings in learning about coffee from plantation to harvest. At the age of 21, Mario was given a small plot of land by his uncle to start a small plantation. During that time, coffee producers use intermediaries to sell their coffee in the market due to the remote area of the plantation. The intermediaries drive to coffee farms with their trucks and offer the producers to buy their cherries which are then sold in the cities or to the importer. To Mario’s surprise, the intermediaries offer an incredibly small price for his cherries. To him, the coffee business wasn’t sustainable and decided to move to the city and served the Army.

It was the life he wanted. Mario decided to move back to Incahuasi and gave the coffee plantation a second change. Upon his return, Mario got married and started Finca Machayniyuq. He and his wife connected with many local growers, which gave them much support in technical knowledge in producing coffee and also team up to eliminate the intermediaries.

Today, Mario and his family are motivated to set a benchmark for coffee quality in the region.

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