Ignacio Gutierrez SL-28

Ignacio Gutierrez SL-28

Winey acidity with bold flavours of blueberry and kiwi fruits and milk chocolate sweetness

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14 days after roast date

Winey acidity with bold flavours of blueberry and kiwi fruits and milk chocolate sweetness

Natural process

Natural process coffee is the oldest processing method and most common in areas where water is scarce. This processing method allows the sugar in the cherries to be naturally fermented by natural yeast resulting sweeter in cup quality.

The process begins with workers harvesting only the ripe cherries. The whole cherries are spread thinly to dry on raised African beds with small holes to promote airflow for an even drying. The drying process takes 14–21 days until they reach the ideal moisture content. During this period, workers constantly measure the moisture content and turn the cherries to avoid mould, over-fermentation and rotting. The next step is to remove the skin, fruit fleshed and milled.

Farm story
Finca Los Pozos

This clean micro lot is from the Chalatenango region, in the northern part of El Salvador. The region is home to many well-known coffee producers and is known for regularly producing 90+ score coffees.

Finca Los Pozos is located in the municipality San Ignacio, at an altitude of 1,500 masl right in the foothills of the mountains. The farm belongs to Ignacio Gutierrez, a passionate coffee grower who had successfully won two times the first place in the Cup of Excellence competition in 2011 and 2013. It is not surprising Ignacio Gutiérrez produces high-quality coffee year after year. For him, coffee is a great way of improving life and livelihood, and to have financial stability. 

Ignacio Gutierrez has years of experience in farming. He started to plant coffee in 2000, with only 500 coffee trees. As the popularity of his coffees grew, his farm steadily increased to about 54,000 trees, mostly Pacas, Pacamara, and SL-28 varieties. Like many producers in this area, his farm has struggled with coffee-leaf rust. 

Ignacio uses different methods to process his coffees: Washed, Honey, and Natural, and he dries his coffee on both patios and raised beds, depending on the process and the climate.