Hugo Pareja Geisha

Hugo Pareja Geisha

Bright and elegant notes of white peach, mango and orange blossom supported by citrus and white flowers aroma

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The process begins with producers harvesting only the ripe cherries. The cherries are sorted to remove any unripe or damaged cherries. The cherries are then depulped and fermented for nine hours and washed with clean water. The last process is to dry the parchment on pallets for eight days. During this time, the parchment is turned frequently for even drying, and moisture content is monitored.

Over time Hugo and Flor understand the potential of the new variety which was then known to them as Geisha.

Hugo Pareja

Finca Bella Vista

farm story
Finca Bella Vista

Located in the fertile region of Cusco, Hugo Pareja and his family have been producing some incredible coffee at Finca Bella Vista. In the past few years, Cusco has been taken the highlight as Peru’s most prominent coffee region. In 2021 five out of ten Cup of Excellent winners came from this region and it is expected the trend will continue upwards.

Hugo Pareja is one of the coffee producers from this region. Having grown up in a coffee-producing family, Hugo has many years of learning about the craft since his childhood. He had his farm since the age of 17 and continue the tradition with his wife Flor and his children.

Hugo and his family used to mainly cultivate typica variety until their cooperative gave them some seeds that were unknown to them to be Geisha. The first harvest of the new variety was impressive. The cooperative was really impressed by the cup quality and saw a huge potential to produce even higher scoring coffees. Because of that, the cooperative gave Hugo more seeds and extensive training on selective picking and coffee fermentation.

Over time Hugo and his wife Flor understand the potential of this new variety which was then known to them as Geisha. It leads them to set up their own nursery with 1000 Geishas seedlings. Additionally, Hugo cultivates Typica, Bourbon, Caturra and Catimor on his farm.

coffee variety

Geisha is a variety of coffee that was originally collected from coffee forests in Ethiopia in the 1930s. From there, it was taken to Central America, where it was further cultivated and logged as accession T2722. The Geisha coffee plant is known for its unique flavour profile that is similar to Ethiopian coffees. However, the plant's branches were brittle and not favoured by farmers so it was not widely planted.

The coffee became popular in 2005 when the Peterson family of Boquete, Panama, entered it into the "Best of Panama" competition and auction. It received exceptionally high marks and broke the then-record price paid for green coffee beans, selling for more than $20 a pound.

There is significant confusion about Geisha because there are multiple genetically distinct plant types that are commonly referred to as "Geisha." The Geisha coffee plant is a variety of Arabica that was discovered in Ethiopia. It is characterized by its large leaves and high yields. The recent study by World Coffee Research confirms that Panamanian Geisha descendent from T2722 is distinct and uniform.

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