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Outstanding coffee. Expect an explosion of strawberry yoghurt, grape, cacao and milk chocolate finished.


  • Origin: Tolima, Colombia
  • Producer: Emanuel Encizo
  • Farm: La Roma, 1700 - 1800 masl
  • Variety: San bernardo
  • Process: Natural anaerobic
  • Roast: Filter

This coffee is of the San Bernardo variety, a natural dwarf mutation of Typica originated in Guatemala aka Pache. It is very rare to find this variety in Colombia. The San Bernardo’s tree  is smaller than Caturra and Castillo, has a lower yield and is not resistant to leaf rust. However, the cup profile is outstanding. It has complex floral notes, spice, honey, chocolate and grape.

This coffee is processed as an anaerobic fermented natural process coffee to give its unique sweetness. The process begins by carefully hand picking the ripe cherries. Then fermented them underwater for 14 hours (anaerobic fermentation). The last step is to dry the cherries on raised beds for 25 days until they reach 10.5% moisture content.

Enjoy your Emanuel Encizo.

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