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Juicy and vibrant notes of star fruit and cranberry with sparkling lemonade sweetness

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Natural process coffee is the oldest processing method and is most common in areas where water is scarce. This processing method allows the sugar in the cherries to be naturally fermented by natural yeast resulting sweeter in cup quality.

The process begins with workers harvesting only the ripe cherries. The whole cherries are spread thinly to dry on raised African beds with small holes to promote airflow for an even drying. The drying process takes 14–21 days until they reach the ideal moisture content. During this period, workers constantly measure the moisture content and turn the cherries to avoid mould, over-fermentation and rotting. The next step is to remove the skin, fruit fleshed and milled.

Helena believes that preserving nature is the key to producing high-quality coffee.

Helena Mora

Finca El Cuzuco

farm story

Finca El Cuzuco

This coffee is from micro mill Agro-Helena. It is a young project founded in 2015 by William Mora Moreno and today it is mainly managed by his fourth daughter Helena Mora. Their 45-hectare farm is located in the Tarrazú region, at 1700 meters above sea level. As a third-generation coffee producer, Helena has years of knowledge that have been passed on about coffee growing and processing.

Helena and her family are very nature-conscious. They even keep 50% of their farm intact to keep the balance with nature and not disturb the microclimate of their fields. Additionally, they have chosen to only focus on Naturals and anaerobic processing methods because they produce less to no residual water which could potentially harm the environment if not handled properly. In addition, all of the coffee husk as the by-products of processing is composted and returned to the soil.

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