Cesar Buesaquillo
Cesar Buesaquillo
Cesar Buesaquillo

Cesar Buesaquillo

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Juicy acidity of white peach and pineapple, cherry sweetness and elegant floral notes.

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Farm: Cesar Buesaquillo, Finca La Esmeralda

Region: Buenavista, Quindío

Altitude: 1750–1800 MASL

Variety: Pink Bourbon

Process: Natural EF2

Natural Extended Fermentation 48 hours


After harvesting, only ripe cherries are handpicked and placed in fermentation tanks or bags. They remain there for approximately 36 to 48 hours. During this process, the temperature is controlled and maintained within a specific range of 22-28°C. This ensures consistent and controlled fermentation.


Following fermentation, the coffee beans are spread out on raised beds to dry under sunlight. The ambient temperature is kept between 20-30°C, and the relative humidity is maintained between 50-60%. The time required for drying may vary between 12 to 18 days, depending on the weather conditions and the degree of bean maturity.

Finca La Esmeralda

Cesar Buesaquillo

Cesar Buesaquillo's coffee farming heritage goes back generations. Today, he owns La Esmeralda, a 6-hectare farm located in Buenavista, Quindio, at an elevation of 1800 meters above sea level. The farm offers stunning views and is home to beautiful shade trees, including Guamo, Yarumo, and Carbonero. Cesar also grows other crops such as plantain, banana, and avocado.

Cesar, his wife Maria, and their son Kevin manage all the operations at La Esmeralda. Maria is an integral part of the family business and supports Cesar in every decision. They make a strong team and tackle important decisions together. Cesar's love for coffee began when he accompanied his parents, who were coffee pickers and farm managers, on various coffee farms. Approximately 20 years ago, his parents purchased La Esmeralda, which Cesar and his family now run.

Cesar's interest in specialty coffee grew as he started planting more unique varieties, such as Pink Bourbon and Geisha. He realised that producing commodity-grade coffee was not his goal. Instead, he wanted to focus on quality and experiment with processing methods. Cesar believes that quality should be the focus of the coffee industry in the future.

Cesar believes that quality should be the focus of the coffee industry in the future.

Coffee variety

Pink Bourbon

Pink Bourbon is a trendy coffee variety that is knownf or its pink cherries and was believed to be a Bourbon. However, a recent article published by Cafe Imports has revealed that Pink Bourbon is, in fact, an Ethiopian landrace variety.

According to the article, the history of Pink Bourbon is more of a folklore tale than a scientific discovery. In 2014, a Senior Green Coffee Buyer with Cafe Imports named Lucho discovered a coffee plant with pink cherries while searching for Colombian cryptids. Later, Lucho found more Pink Bourbon trees growing among traditional Bourbon and believed it to be a spontaneous cross of Red and Yellow Bourbon due to their similar appearances.

However, genetic testing in 2017 by Cafe Imports found that Pink Bourbon shared high similarity percentages with plants possessing Ethiopian coffee genetics. Recently, genetic testing by RD2 Vision confirmed that all five samples sent were Pink Bourbon, with two mixed with Bourbon, two with Catimor, and one "pure" Pink Bourbon.

The post suggests that Pink Bourbon may have been brought over to be a parent of another hybrid or could have been a mistake in bringing over another Ethiopian landrace variety.

In conclusion, Pink Bourbon's fascinating history shows that even the most popular coffee varieties can have unexpected origins. The discovery of Pink Bourbon's true genetic roots provides valuable insights into the origins and evolution of coffee, and highlights the importance of genetic testing in the coffee industry.

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